Here you will find a collection of resources that will aid the launch and growth of your small group!


We are a church of small groups rather than a church with small groups for as we grow larger we must grow smaller at the same time.

The most strategic person at Church in the Son is the small group leader.

How can we grow large, yet maintain friendships? 

The most effective way to have close relationships is  when every member joins a small group, understanding that the purpose of the church is to be in community and be a disciple. Our growth comes because every disciple is making disciples.

Why are small Groups so important?

Small Groups keep us connected and accountable. Connecting people and building relationships with others allows us to be part of other areas in their lives. As Church In The Son grows, the more important Connect Groups become. Small groups are the entry point into meeting the needs of our disciples. They provide the personal touch everyone needs, helping to grow and encouraging to pursue their calling.

Why should I lead a small group?

Jesus said “Go and make disciples…” Our responsibility as followers of Christ is to share what He has done in our lives, and help others grow spiritually. Leading a small group is not about being a perfect person, or being a strong leader. Leading a small group is about being part of a life giving and Christ center community of Jesus followers. Our children and pre-teens have small groups in their services. Our teens and young adults meet throughout the city. Adults need the same connection and support!

How can I get people to come to my small group?

Friends, neighbors and family are people that you already have a relationship with and usually are more open to your invitation. But the church also has great opportunities to meet people. Becoming a table leader at God First or Alpha is the perfect environment to meet people and build relationships. Also you can help every Sunday at Guest Central connecting the new guests that visit the church every week. To join these ministries you can sign up at the concierge.

I’m having trouble with Fellowship One, like taking attendance or adding people to my group. Where can I get help?

Every Sunday at Guest Central you can speak to the Connect Group Coordinator or a Pastor that will guide you through Fellowship One platform.

How do I communicate that my group won’t be meeting for a season?

You can make any changes to your meeting information in your fellowship account:
If you still need help, you can reach out to the Connect Group Coordinator at Guest Central every Sunday.

How long should my small group last?

A small group is intended to be a light and short meeting, usually lasting around 1h30min. After the meeting is over, encourage people to stay for a time of fellowship.

What should I do in my meeting?

A small group meeting should always incorporate prayer, worship and sharing the word of God. You can find resources for your meeting at the leaders resource page.

How do I prepare for my small group?

Prayer is always the best way to begin preparing for your meeting. Pray for God’s direction and for the people that come to your group and also for those you invited to join. Also prepare a brief message by writing down some scripture and questions that you may want to ask. You can also use our leaders resource page that can help you with different studies.

Follow this link for The Prayer Course curriculum

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