Sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to drop by and see if you feel comfortable in church. It can even be awkward. I hope we can make your experience fun and enjoyable. Once you come through the door we think of you as family.

I think you will find that we’re just ordinary people who believe that God is real. We are a group of people who love God, love people, and are affecting the world because we have experienced the freedom of forgiveness through Jesus. We want to let you know how important you are to us.

Our dream is that God will capture your heart today and you will know how much He loves you. We would be honored to help you grow in your relationship with Him and others. There are many opportunities for you to meet people and do life together. I am sure there is a place for you. We are here to serve you in any way we can. So, relax and enjoy yourself!

Alex Clattenburg