Lead Pastors

His early days in Orlando were spent in a downtown bank high-rise negotiating large land real estate deals that effectively changed his perspective regarding the business community and their need to have a personal relationship with Christ.

In the 70’s, Alex began leading a small group of students from Calvary Assembly. Within a few years, “The Rock House” exploded from a handful of students and young adults to hundreds gathered to hear an uncompromising message of hope and restoration. Pastors and church leaders have been raised up from the Rock House and sent out to affect the world. From the late 70’s through the early 80’s, Alex brought the Jesus Festivals to a 172-acre pasture near Disney World. Thousands came from around the nation to experience new-found strength and receive Christ.

Alex then accepted the position of Lead Pastor at Calvary Assembly for almost nine years, drawing capacity crowds filling four services each weekend. In 1987, under his leadership and vision, a building was constructed that could seat as many as six thousand in one service.

Answering the call of God in 1990, Alex, his wife and family, along with a dedicated team started Church In The Son in the heart of Orlando.

It was their dream to birth a church where Jesus would be honored, the scriptures would be taught, and the Holy Spirit would be free to work among them. They dreamed of a church where people far from God would feel comfortable and find forgiveness and purpose for their lives.

Alex and his wife, Judith, serve as Lead Pastors to this non-denominational, Christ-centered church that has grown to include over five thousand members, and shines as a light to the lost in Orlando and its surrounding communities. Whatever the capacity of ministry, Alex Clattenburg’s purpose and objective is clear: “This is the time for revival, this is the time to reach lost souls. Love God, Love Prayer, Love People, and Affect the World.”

Two years ago, Alex felt the Lord saying to him, “Prepare for the greatest awakening in the history of the Christian church.” He believes that whole cities will come to Christ, and that the global reach of every church will be expanded. Alex and Judith believe wholeheartedly in ministry to the lost and hurting in our community, and together they are committed to loving and making disciples.