One Day Students



The Mix “One Day” is a power-packed day where people receive life-changing ministry, helping them to break free of obstacles preventing them from becoming all that they can be in the Body of Christ.

This One Day is designed for those seeking purpose and meaning in life; for those on a journey where they desire spiritual growth and are coming to know God. Whether you are unsaved, a new believer, or have been a lifelong Christian, this will affect your heart and change you forever. 

It does not matter whether you know anyone else attending or not. However, we find bonds of great friendship are formed between strangers through the experience. What happens is that trained leaders will offer teachings to assist you in finding areas of your life which might be holding you back from having a deeper relationship with God.

A signed consent form must be filled out and turned in – pick up forms at The MIX or at the Church In The Son Info Desk OR download your form HERE

  • Cost: $50.00