Baby Dedication

October 30 9am & 11am

Children are special and amazing gifts from God. We encourage parents to dedicate their children back to God and commit themselves to raising their children in His ways.

Baby Dedication is a ceremony for members* at Church In The Son. It is a solemn charge to you, as parents, to raise your child in a Christian home, teaching, guiding, and modeling a Godly example for your child to follow. It is a ceremony where parents present their child to God and wholeheartedly agree to raise that child in a Godly environment. It is a ceremony where you and your child receive a blessing from the Pastor as you take on this significant task. You can request a registration link by contacting our Early Childhood Director at

*Members are parents who regularly attend Church In The Son, have completed God First, and are actively involved in community, serving, giving, etc.

Please keep in mind, all parents must attend a Parent Orientation Class in order to confirm your desired date. Classes are offered on a regular basis. You will be notified of the upcoming dates prior to your Dedication Ceremony date. The regular service childcare is provided if needed. Contact us at for questions.