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Prayer is central to the VISION and FOCUS of Church in the Son; we desire to STAND in AGREEMENT with you and your prayer needs.

Please allow us to join with you in prayer. Church In The Son believes in the power of prayer; it is not just something to do, but it is a personal and powerful privilege to communicate with the One who can move the mountains in our lives. Whatever you are going through, we want to pray with you. Our Pastoral Team prays over every prayer request we receive, and truly desires to see your faith and relationship grow to new heights as you turn to Him for all your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Prayed for times | Received: Saturday, June 24

Please pray for my Aunt Sugar she has Cancer and it spread to her brain, pancreas, spleen. She was told chemo isn't working because the Cancer has spread too much. Please pray


Prayed for times | Received: Monday, June 12

Pray for my family. (myself, my fiance and our 3 children). It's obvious that you can't pick and choose your family, nevertheless your parents but you can choose whether or not to deal with them. My mother has had issues with alcohol since I can honestly remember and with alcohol comes abuse on her end, whether it be physical or verbal. Recently, for the past 4 weeks almost, my mother has done a lot of hurt to my family through her words. She has spewed a lot of hateful remarks towards us to where it is becoming unbearable. I also know that prayer works wonders. I just ask for support through prayer with no judgement being passed. I Thank you all in advance! God bless ☺


Prayed for times | Received: Sunday, June 11

Please pray with me for my son who is in his 40's and has CHF, Congestive Heart Failure. He needs a new heart and is currently on the list for a transplant. Please pray for God to bless him with the miracle of a new heart and meet all financial needs because there is such an enormously high cost for his medical care. He has two sons who need their Dad and I believe God will meet him and their needs.


Erika Barbier Franco
Prayed for times | Received: Wednesday, June 07

Hi! I'm Erika from Brazil. E very dear friend sent to me the link to this church. There are no words enough that I could say thanks to Him. I'm really needing a prayer, I'm responsible of taking care of my family (senior grandma, sick mother, aunt, father and one daughter) and I need to find a job. Please pray Erika Babier


Wanda Edwards
Prayed for times | Received: Thursday, June 01

My husband Jay has a dangerously high PSA number. Please pray it will soon go way down & that he WILL NOT get prostate cancer! He also needs healing for his never-ending tinnitus! Lord bless. In Christ alone, Wanda Edwards


Prayed for times | Received: Wednesday, May 31

Please pray for me and my husband. We just moved to Florida. My sister in law was helping us but all of a sudden she kicked us out and all we had saved up for an apartment and to move we had to spend in hotels. We have no money and I asked help from my family and they turned their backs on me we don't know anybody and no friends, We are sleeping in my car, no money and living of of fear that they will take my car since I still owe on it. So please pray that we can over come this situation


Prayed for times | Received: Monday, May 29

Please pray for my husband. He is addicted to marijuana and is willing to give up his family because he would rather get high. He has chosen smoking marijuana over me many times, and has admitted to coming home high which means that he has been interacting with our two daughters while high. I want to leave him, but I'm not sure if I should kick him out or see if God can change his heart. He seems very dead set on getting high whenever he wants, it is a very big problem and has broken my heart numerous times in our marriage.


benjanese taylor
Prayed for times | Received: Monday, May 22

I am praying for a clean heart and strength .. I know that to God this is possible through all things. I ask for wisdom and to be closer to him everyday. :) I ask for you to guide my daughter in the right path .. make her closer to you and pray she follow the right path and stay focus in school .. love all :)


Maritza Plaza-Gomez
Prayed for times | Received: Sunday, May 21

I ask for prayer for my Adult children, My oldest son is 27 years old, married and expecting his first child. My twins are 22 years old. I've brought them up in the church. I prayed with them every night and morning. I spoke God's word to them while they were growing up. They were surrounded by people of Faith. In all of this time only one made a decision to follow Jesus and was Baptized but never continued in God's way. Their jobs have taken over their lives, hobbies and entertainment. They are good kids- never got into bad things. They just never had an encounter with God. My daughter just graduated from College. I'm very proud of her and her brothers. I pray that they come to know the Lord and be committed to follow Hi.m. That God will put believers in their lives to witness to them. They have no christian friends even though they have been to church. They are very quiet and won't approach anyone to make friends. I ask that you pray for their Salvation and that they will experience the love of God in a personal way. Thank you for keeping us in prayer.


Kyanna washington
Prayed for times | Received: Sunday, May 21

My name is Kyanna. I have severe fibromyalgia. I am in a lot of pain. I can't move some days. I want this pain to go away. I have two beautiful daughters that I want to be able to do things with them. I want to go outside with no pain. I did visit your church in April when I came down for a vacation. I have a family member that comes to your church on a regular basis. When I come down for a vacation in the winter I will be there at your church. I have been watching the live stream since I came home. I am in Boston, Ma.



  • About a year ago I came to church and met with a staff member named Katina. I was in terrible crisis at that time. Katina prayed with me about several things going on in my life, one of which was my son Dylan a heroin addict. ( Pastor Alex dedicated Dylan to Christ at Calvary Assembly 30 years ago.) Dylan is a prodigal. Well I'm happy to report that Dylan was just accepted into David Wilkerson's TEEN CHALLENGE last week!!! Please pray that he stays with the program and begins his new life with Jesus at the center! Thank you and God bless y'all

    Maria Victoria (vikki) Mathews
  • On Jan 2nd of this year I suffered a traumatic injury to my brain and spine when I fell at work on a wet tile floor. For four months I was in daily agonizing pain with multiple systems in my body affected by the injuries I had incurred. I was getting sicker, instead of getting better and my doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. Through the prayers of this church God was able to bring to light what was causing all of my health problems. I had a fairly rare condition which is Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak, whose primary characteristic is postural headaches that left me living life mostly from bed. But God! He led me to discover this condition, through research and when I proposed it to my doctor he agreed to test me for it.. God gave me the most amazing neuroradiologist who upon discovery of the leak never stopped calling me in the days following the scan. He personally arranged for me to be admitted to Florida Hospital where I received the treatment and was instantly healed. I sat up and was headache-free for the first time in four months. The prayers of CITS held me up during the worst crisis I had ever faced. I knew I was never alone, that loving friends were fighting for me and asking God for this victory. Praise Jesus for his healing grace, that he hears our prayers.

    Shelley Quiroz
  • Hello, The first report about the baby was negative; however, after much prayer and praise to God the second report was that my first grandchild (my daughter is four months pregnant) is healthy and doing well.. Praise God!

  • I give God all he honor and praise for allowing me to finally complete my dissertation and graduate with my Doctor of Education degree last week. It's been a long and difficult journey, but by God's grace and mercy, I made it through! I truly thank all those who prayed for me and gave me support during this process. To God be the glory!

    Michelle Phillips