Sundays at 11am

The Link is a ministry just for your pre-teens. Any student that is 10, 11, or 12 years old are welcome! Every Sunday we meet upstairs at the 11am service (after adult worship). The Link is a place where pre-teens can feel like they belong, and grow closer to God with a community of believers. In the Link we have fun, we learn about the Lord, and we often enjoy small groups at the end of service.

If anyone is going to change the world, it’s the next generation.


Our Sunday services are the focal point of our pre-teen ministry and we love gathering together to have fun and build our relationship with Christ. We meet every Sunday at the 11 am service after adult worship. During adult worship, your student can either sit with you, worship at the front of the stage with the Link leaders. After adult worship is over, usually around 11:30, the Link students are dismissed for their service. We have our own check-in tablets upstairs in room 250. At the start of service there are a few minutes of hang out time, a fun game, and offering, followed by a Bible based sermon and small group discussion. If you’re a first time guest to the link, please don’t forget to stop by the guest desk for a guest bag.

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These 3 foundations are the basis of everything we teach in The Link. We believe that these are the 3 most important truths for the spiritual formation of your pre-teen. Every sermon and every small group discussion can be traced back to these foundational truths.

Jesus tells me who I am

At this age it is critical to remember that our identity is rooted in Jesus. We teach our preteens that they don’t need to try and impress their friends or peers because God is greater than all of those people and only He can tell us who we were created to be.

My relationships matter

During these influential years we form and navigate many relationships. It’s important to remember that all of those relationships matter because they influence who we become, and we can  influence others. Positive relationships have a massive impact on who your pre-teen will become, Whether it is family, friends, or Jesus – every one of our relationships MATTER..

I put my faith into action

We believe that having faith in Jesus is not passive, and God’s presence makes a real life impact. This means we put our faith into action; we don’t just believe God exists but we trust Him, follow His Word, and share our faith in every circumstance.

Our Leadership Team

Javan Zigo is our Link ministry Director. He graduated in 2019 from Rollins College with a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership. Javan launched the link in 2018 while completing his degree and is now a full time minister here on staff. His heart for pre-teens comes from his understanding of how crucial this age is in their personal and spiritual development. Javan is excited to see students turn to Christ for all their needs and desires as they grow up.

Volunteers are what make The Link so special! We have many Adults, High School, and Middle School volunteers on The Link dream team. This means that there is someone serving in The Link who wants to connect with your student and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus!


The link is a community of note takers. We don’t just have fun but we take notes when it’s time to learn about the Lord. We do not passively sit in service but we apply what we learn at home, in our personal lives, throughout the week.

We love to play games in service because in our preteen years we need to “play” in order to form trust, and build relationships. Our relationships matter, and have a missive impact on who we become. We play some games that are Link Classics that any student who has been for a while will know and love – but we also love to introduce silly new games that keep the students excited.


The Link – Church at home!

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The Link 2021 Bible Reading Plan

We are not too young to change the world!