Prayer Room

Mon-Thur On Campus; 24/7 Off Campus

What is it?

The “Prayer Room” is where people can pray both on campus and off campus for our families, our church, our nation, as well as many other prayer focuses.

When is it?

On Campus hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm 

Off Campus hours 24 hours a day

Where is it?

Our newly renovated and dedicated Prayer Room is located to the right of the John Young main entrance between the lobby and the Next Gen Center.

How do I register?

Use the following links to register for Off Campus times or On Campus times at Church In The Son



Please note: There is no limit to the off campus registrations. On Campus registration is limited to one person for each time slot. However, you may bring your friends, family, or group members with you to pray during the selected time.