Embraced by Grace offers Christian adoption services to birthparents, while providing the assurance that the baby will be placed within a loving Christian family, with a mother and a father. Additionally, Embraced by Grace provides the hope for Christian couples, within a traditional married environment, who are seeking to start their forever family.

We believe that our sole purpose here on earth is to glorify God.


Embraced by Grace is partnering with the Colombian Central Adoption Authority to find loving, protective, forever families for children from Colombia. These children will come to stay with local host families for three weeks.


  • What is a host family?

    A host family opens their home to a child for the three-week duration of the child’s stay. The goal is for host families to provide a loving, stable family experience for their Colombian child visitor and ultimately help them find their new forever family. Some families choose to adopt the child they host.

  • Who are the host children?

    The children are from different areas of Colombia. The beautiful diversity of Colombia includes European, Indigenous Americans, and African-Colombian influences. Individual children (ages 10-15) and sibling groups (up to four children) are available for hosting. All of these children are eligible for adoption right now and Embraced by Grace is committed to placing them into their forever families.

  • Who qualifies to host?

    We are looking for families who meet the following requirements:
    • Christian couples
    • Married for at least three years
    • At least 25 years old
    • Considering or open to adoption
    • Have one parent able to stay home with the child(ren) during the day

  • What kind of preparation will I receive before hosting?

    10 hours of introductory Spanish training and 10 hours of host parent training, as well as regular communication with Embraced by Grace staff.

  • What kind of activities will I do with my host child?

    Host families will include the child in their everyday activities, just like one of their own children. During the child’s stay, EBG will facilitate two get-togethers for host families.

  • What are the locations for the host program?

    At this time it is Florida. Other locations may be added for future programs.

  • What are the dates?

    We are now planning another program for mid 2015. We will announce our upcoming programs shortly and post the dates on our website*. http://www.embracedbygrace.org

  • What are the costs?

    The fee for the Host Program is $750 per family. Payment plans may be arranged on a case-tocase basis. Host families are responsible for costs incurred during the host child’s stay (food, activities, etc.).

  • When is the deadline to apply for the summer program?

    The deadline for the winter host program applications will be in August 2015.


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